Hammer's Pro Portfolio

John Hamm Teaching Resume


BA in English/Writing Arts, Spring 2006, SUNY Oswego

MSED 7-12 Adol Ed English, Spring 2010, SUNY Oswego


Graduated Summa cum Laude

NYS Certified Teacher

Florida Certified Teacher


Volusia County Schools Substitute Teacher    2011 – 2012

  • Subbing in all levels and subjects, from kindergarten to high school
  • Frequently teach to classes of over 35 students
  • “Mr. Hamm is the best sub ever,” is now a common phrase in the high school

Cato Meridian High School, Cato NY. Student Teaching    2010

  • Taught Shakespeare, Public Speaking, and Drama
  • Developed and implemented all lessons for each class
  • Created a multicultural folklore learning center

Grant Middle School, Syracuse NY. Student Teaching     2010

  • Taught 8th grade English at an inner city school
  • Designed a creative writing unit that used multiple instructional strategies
  • Worked with refugees and students with limited English speaking backgrounds
  • Tutored students in AVID, a program for at-risk students

Karate Instructor, Cayuga Community College, Fulton NY    Fall 2007

  • Hired 4 days before school started
  • Designed entire curriculum from scratch based on martial arts pop culture
  • Successfully taught entire semester with no supervision

Karate Teacher, Burger’s Okinawan Karate, Oswego NY    2000-2010

  • 10 years experience with students of all ages and abilities
  • Responsible for opening/closing building, collecting dues, etc.
  • Built positive relationships with parents and guardians
  • Taught independently with little or no supervision

Private Tutor, Oswego NY    2004-08

  • Professionally tutored an autistic boy for four years (ages 7-11)
  • Focused on reading, writing, and comprehension
  • Worked as a role model and adviser for the student
  • Developed strong long term relationship with student

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